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Community Cause

Supporting Missouri Families and Children in Poverty

One in seven families in our state deals with food insecurity, meaning these families experience difficulty putting enough food on the table for both parents and children. Even worse, nearly one in six children in Missouri is living below the poverty line.

Our agency is concerned about these growing trends, and we have a plan to help provide relief and support to families in financial crisis.

Regional Ambassadors for Relief

David Starns Insurance is now a recognized Regional Ambassador for the national #AgentsofChange support network, and we are announcing a campaign to help provide emergency assistance to families in the Clay County area struggling with poverty. Our agency will be supporting a series of outreach efforts and nonprofit programs to provide food and emergency shelter to families in financial crisis, as well as sponsoring toy drives to improve the quality of life for children living in poverty.

With thousands of families in our region that need help, we know we can’t do this alone. We’re asking for your help.

How You Can Help

Rather than making a donation, we’re asking you to help us share information about this ongoing campaign with other concerned families in our area. When you invite a friend or family member to come in and receive a free insurance consultation from the David Starns Insurance team, it will give us a chance to provide them with details on this campaign. In addition, for every person you invite, we will happily make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local program that provides support to families and children living in poverty.

Please Join Us!

This is an opportunity for us to work together and improve outcomes for families that need a helping hand. Please join us, and let’s make our community a better place to live.


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David Starns Insurance

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