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Ameristar Roofing & Restoration

“John, I’m dreading this home improvement project because I’m worried about choosing the right contractor – I’ve had a bad experience in the past.”

Meeting with clients every day for over a decade, I hear this complaint far too often during an initial project consultation. It’s easy for me to sympathize with them in this respect because I, too, am a homeowner and a consumer who has had a not-so-stellar experience with service provider who completed a project at my own home. When I asked these clients during our initial meeting why they felt it was as bad experience, the common response (paraphrased) was “at the end of the project, it was clear that the contractor I hired didn’t really care about our expectations and our project goals.” In a nutshell, their responses revealed a pattern of fraud, poor workmanship, and fly-by-night behavior by crooked contractors that ultimately left these homeowners high and dry, with unfinished roofing or siding projects & water-damaged homes. Fortunately, Ameristar Roofing and Restoration has helped THOUSANDS of Kansas City Homeowners over the past decade turn a bad past experience with a contractor into a great experience!

When we opened the doors over 10 years ago, the #1 goal we established was that no matter what, we will ALWAYS PUT THE CLIENT 1st. We believe each client’s project and situation is unique, and it’s this belief that makes each client, each job as important as the next one. Our passion for problem-solving helps our clients to make smart and informed decisions giving them confidence and peace of mind that they are receiving the best products, the best craftsmanship, and the best customer service. We are your TRUSTED ADVISOR - Ameristar Roofing and Restoration CARES about EXCELLENCE and our clients deserve nothing less.


John R. Yates

Managing Partner

Ameristar Roofing & Restoration, LLC


709 NE 76th St

Gladstone, MO 64118

Phone: (816) 415-4230 or (913) 341-4100